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Doug Aubrey is continuing his work on Minefield and looks to a completion date sometime in late 2013. He is open to new collaborations and is currently developing new projects. His new website, will be on-line at thestart of 2013. Details will be posted here in due course. In the meantime he can be reached at either:

If you're wondering what former Autonominx CEO Marie Olesen has ended up doing then this is well worth checking out:


Minefield - is seeking funds to complete shooting and editing in 2013 . Be in touch

if you want links to the rough cut. Or if no time but still fancy your soul nurtured, turn to Flickr or Twitter: @minefieldmovie

Now available on Indieflix -

Click for trailer and film. ©Bolenbaugh.

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Poster ©Bulletproof ID. Trailer >>>

©Doug Aubrey.

We are working on having Minefield, Doug Aubrey's buddy movie about war, football and friendship - ready to premiere at a venue near you in 2013.

©Dave Gourlay. View teaser on the Facebook Stronger page. Look forward to premiering of Peter Mackie Burns' adaptation of Strindberg Stronger featuring Kate Dickie (Prometheus, Red Road) and Kathleen McDermott (Milk, Morvern Callar).

Come Closer, Golden Bear winner Peter Mackie Burns' first feature - a visual essay about intimacy, accompanied by startling Sigur Ros - premiered in Scotland at a packed out GFT in September. We hope to bring it back soon. Meanwhile see trailer at your right.

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2011 Snapshots

Click here for Come Closer website.

Review by Scots Way Hae!

& for clever notes by David Imrie

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Autonomi attended the 7th London Kurdish Film Festival. A total treat, buzzing with amazing films.

Come Closer , which premiered at Open City London Documentary Film Festival, is forever dedicated to Editor Bert Eeles who passed away in April. Bert edited over 100 films - Milk, Run, parts of Kurdi and, lastly, Come Closer. We all miss him sorely.

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2010 Snapshots

Autonomi associates get busy helping Diversity Films produce six shorts for their new scheme Starting Block.

Autonomi's Tartan Short Run screened in the Scottish Blend section at the European Short Film Festival in Brest.

If you are interested in donating funds towards producing and completing Minefield, please look here for further info, then contact producer Marie Olesen or click here. Thanks!

Minefield is developed with support from Creative Scotland, Channel 4 and DfiD/CBA.

After premiering at Documenta Madrid, Kurdi went to !fIstanbul International Independent Film Festival, DocuDays, Krakow Film Festival and screened in Ireland's first Kurdish Film Festival in Carrick on Shannon 1-3rd Oct. For more detail visit Film Ireland's website.


Glasgow's Streetlevel Gallery ran Pictorial Heroes videoartestry, Lost and Found which as part of the International Visual Arts Festival.

Islamophobia, Autonomi's film for Show Racism the Red Card recently won Best Film at the Scottish Muslim Awards.

Watch the post-screening Q&A of Kurdi at

!f istanbul here!

Click here for more info about !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival

Kurdi trailer on

& 38minutes.

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2009 Snapshots

2009 saw Doug Aubrey & Peri Ibrahim's Kurdi nominated Best Feature Film in the BAFTA Scotland Awards.

BAFTA Scotland Feature Film nominated Kurdi world premiering at Documenta Madrid and subsequently screening at Krakow Film Festival, opening Refugee Week Scotland's 1st film festival, featuring in the London Kurdish Film Festival and competing in DocuDays and the European 4 Screens Festival in Paris.

Alex Bikuna and Adam Barnet completed Banda Europa about Jim Sutherland's unique orchestra is completed and sneak premiered at MORE THAN A RETROSPECTIVE ON SPANISH CINEMA

Doug Aubrey's A Different Pitch played at 11mm - the International Football Film Festival in Berlin.

Scotty Lee and his Spirit Of Soccer charity picked up Most Courageous Use of Sport gong at the Beyond Sport summit in London. Autonomi are developing Minefield with Mr Lee - click here to view some clips.

Watch Kurdi, a documentary feature by Peri Ibrahim, filmed and directed by Doug Aubrey over 5 years in Scotland and the Middle East, online on Filmotech's website. Click here for link.

Kurdi is produced with financial support from MEDIA, Glasgow Film Office, Arc & Scottish Screen.


Wasted Nation competed in the Best Current Affairs documentary category at the Celtic Media Festival in Caernafon, March 25-27th. Didnae win though;(

Doug Aubrey's A Different Pitch played at 11mm 2009 - the International Football Film Festival in Berlin, April 3-7th.

Other News

11.03.09 Doug Aubrey will be part of a panel discussing this in the ECA from 2pm Friday - the 13th - Documenting Conflict - A Gaza Perspective. It's a special event organised by Pilton Video and the Scottish Documentary Institute. The panel is chaired by Nick Higgins and followed by a screening of the remarkable Paradise Now in the Filmhouse. Click here for more info.

25.02.09. Autonomi have produced two films for Show Racism the Red Card: Islamophobia and its Scottish campaign film. View the trailer ...................>>>>>

Both films are dubbed by Leo Saidenough & edited by Cassandra McGrogan.

18.02.09 New blog up. Pls Follow, Use & comment.

Kingsway Eye heroines Jean Donnachie and Noreen Real have won the Scots Women of the Year Award. Aye, they're the ones Jim Loach is making a film about.

Click for link.

The feature length documentary New Ten Commandments , including Autonomi's contribution This is what happens to Black Boys with Big Mouths, about Aamer Anwar's contempt of court trial screens this Sunday, Jan 25th in Glasgow Film Theatre 2.45pm.

©David Graham Scott.


17.12.08 Autonomi have just completed two films for Show Racism the Red Card: Islamophobia and its Scottish campaign film.

08.12.08 New Ten Commandments , including Autonomi's contribution This is what happens to Black Boys with Big Mouths, about Aamer Anwar's contempt of court trial, screened on BBC2 Scotland last night. The feature lenght documentary is now touring various venues across Scotland.

29.11.08 While trawling through some early camera tapes for Doug Aubrey's Victim of Geography, we came across some archive of Sarajevo's answer to the Sex Pistols, Sikter playing live in Mostar in the summer of 1996. So the legend goes the gig was cut short by Croatian forces on the opposite side of the bridge, who threatened to launch a mortar barrage if the band completed their set. See what you make of these shell shocked rockers yourself by clicking here.

For more info on Victim of Geogrpahy visit the blog.

10.11.08 And the BAFTA for Best News and Current Affairs programme didn't go to Autonomi. But Wasted Nation got nominated. Trailer on Video Wall.

Wasted Nation (Doug Aubrey).

24.10.08. Autonomi's partner in crime - and work - Diversity Films, will have two of their productions: ExNE - the Movie and Saturday Sports Scene screening on Community Channel shortly. Click here for a sneak preview.

Preview copies for festivals & sales available from Autonomi. Contact Autonomi for festivals and general interest and email Looking Glass International for sales queries. Check back for more info soon.

Bedroom Radio can be viewed on the Scots Language Centre site. Click here.

Autonomi’s contribution to the New Ten Commandments - freedom of expression film This is What Happens to Black Boys with Big Mouths -premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and screened as Best of Fest.




Please note that as of 3rd December 2012 the contact (land-line) telephone number for Autonomi will be disconnected. If you wish to reach us about an important matter please send an e-mail to either of the contacts listed below and we'll get back to you asap. We apologise in-advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


All financial and business affairs for Autonomi are being managed until further notice via:

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All Financial matters:


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After more than 10 exciting, productive, award-winning years with Autonomi, CEO Marie Olesen is moving on to fresh challenges in her homeland, taking up the post of Project Editor at New Danish Screen within the Danish Film Institute for an initial period of two years.  


Marie will be honouring her current commitments with Autonomi (funding pending), but will not be involved in any new projects. 


Autonomi will be disappearing from the www and returning at some point in the future as an archive site, which will include our entire library on-demand and on-line. 


Meanwhile, spare a view for Minefield - a film which has to be completed out there with Syrian refugee kids in 2013.


Check our Vimeo channels for new uploads.

Multiple award-winning AUToNOMi [pronounced autonomy] is an independent Scottish production company fronted by a team with an international track-record of broadcast credits and filmmaking expertise. AUToNOMi's output ranges from primetime observational documentary to hard-hitting educational content and innovative world cinema.

We produce for all platforms and screen sizes, and our latest production is here: VeloCity - art for a changing city. Click for other credits.

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©Doug Aubrey from forthcoming Minefield.

Come Closer trailer from Autonomi on Vimeo. For more, switch on Peter Mackie Burns' Vimeo channel, featuring a clip from his Golden Bear winning Milk and a full upload of his award-winning Honey.


                                       ©Claire Stewart. Kathleen McDermott in Milk which has screened at over 70 festival worldwide and is available on Indieflix.


The DvD of Aubrey's seminal Victim of Geography comes highly recommended; Complete with Director's Commentary, Interactive Map and Crane's full score.

©Doug Aubrey from forthcoming Minefield.



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